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Artisans of Medicine NJ


Ketamine IV Infusions 

We provide Medically Supervised Psychedlic Treatments to increase ones relief from PTSD, Depression and Mood Disorders.

Ketamine IV Infusions

We provide a safe relaxing environment.  Artisans of Medicine NJ has 2 experienced medical professionals to provide psychedilic medical  and mental health services.


Vitamin IV Drip Infusions

We provide Vitamin IV Infusion Therapy. One Benefit of vitamin IV Therapy is that your body  recieves adequate hydration from fluids.  This explains why individuals feel better after receiving an infusion. 

Diet Orange

Weight Loss Injections

Fat burning injections are part of a larger weight loss plan, Injections are highly effective. The injections help by increasing your metabolism thus increasing the amount of fat that you burn.

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